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TMA-eSport welcomes Floating Grip as a new partner

Kategorie: TMA News - geschrieben am 21.05.2017

new Partner at TMA-eSport: Floating Grip

Today we want to introduce to you the new Partner at TMA-eSport: Floating Grip

Floating Grip is a danish company which supported us at the TMA MASTERS 2017 and because we were very satisfied with the collaboration, we decided to start a partnership with them.

What is Floating Grip?
It started all with the idea for a wall mount for the Playstation 4. Later they decided to manufacture it for other consoles like the Playstation 3 Fatboy, PlayStation 3 Slim, xBox 360, XBOX One and the controlller also. Today they sell their products in many countries in the world and they dream big. FLOATING Grip is unique if you compare it with other wall mounts on the market and the perfect option who offers more than only wall mount solutions.

We would be very happy if you could visit our new partners website andsupport them on their social media accounts:
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