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TMA-eSport welcomes SenseForce as his new sponsor

Kategorie: TMA News - geschrieben am 01.12.2018

Today we want to introduce to you our new sponsor at our site: SenseForce.

SenseForce is a german company located in Erlangen. They decided to revolutionize the gaming industry with their new product, to expand the expirience gaming in a new dimension: feeling. TMA-eSport is proud to be a part of this revolution.

But what is SenseForce and their product SenseForce PX? We talked with the CEO Jens-Peter Freund and he explained it to us:
The idea is very simple: In Todays gaming industry it is totally normal, to have a huge amount of expiriences in hearing and seeing. There is equitment like UHD-TVs and Dolby 7.1 sound systems and strongly growing VR-glasses, which make our gaming eypirience better and better. But the entertainment industry doesn’t care about the desire to feel. Imagine being in a virtual world, where you can see, hear and feel. That would be a great way to increase our gaming expirience. And this is, what our product, the SFPX, is made for. We guarantee the user a brand new expirience, where he can sit in front of his computer and feel a game or film like he would be in it. Even without VR-glasses.

We would be very happy, if you could have a look on the social media platforms of our new sponsor:

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We are very happy about this new collaboration and hope for a long and successful journey together